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Magic Wood

Handmade Wooden Sail Boat and Dock Set

Handmade Wooden Sail Boat and Dock Set

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A beautifully crafted toy set that is perfect for encouraging imaginative play and creativity. The sail boat comes with a white sail and a wooden tiller providing children with the opportunity to create their own sailing adventures. The boat can be moored to the included floating pontoon dock, allowing children to act out their own dockside scene. Pairs perfectly with our treehouses and tree blocks sets.

*The flexible fairy dolls are sold separately.

  • Handmade in Poland of certified FSC sustainably sourced wood 
  • Meets or exceeds EU and US safety standards
  • All natural, finished with linseed oil.
  • sailboat: 6.7”l; dock: 6.5”l
  • Ages 3+
  • Magic Wood makes FSC eco-friendly handcrafted Waldorf style natural wooden toys
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