Tree Hollow Toys is a mother daughter team dedicated to offering high quality, ethically and sustainably made children’s toys that meld the beauty of nature and imagination. Our toy collection includes natural Waldorf and Montessori inspired handcrafted toys made in USA, Europe and Fair Trade. Who doesn’t appreciate the heirloom quality of handmade toys that can be enjoyed through many generations? We love the feel of smooth wood and natural fibers as well as the care that goes into designing and creating each toy.


About Fair Trade

According to the Fair Trade Federation, the term “fair trade” refers to a relationship between trading partners based on reciprocal benefits and mutual respect. In this relationship it is important that the prices paid to producers reflect the work they do; that producers share decision making power; that national health, safety, and wage laws are enforced; and that products are environmentally sustainable and conserve natural resources. 

Tree Hollow Toys strives to support fair trade businesses, their artisans, and the values they uphold. We appreciate the beauty and often handmade charm of the toys crafted by these artists and are excited to share them with you. When shopping fair trade toys you can feel comfortable knowing that not only are the workers are being treated fairly, but also the local community. 


About Montessori Toys

The American Montessori Society describes their education philosophy as one that  fosters rigorous, self motivated growth for children and adolescents in all areas of development, with a goal of nurturing each child’s natural desire for knowledge, understanding, and respect. Montessori inspired toys stimulate learning by encouraging kids to experiment with manipulating objects and help develop their fine motor skills. 

Tree Hollow Toys values the quality and versatility of Montessori inspired toys as well as the natural materials they are made from. Natural materials like wood add a textural element to Montessori toys, which helps children learn to appreciate the natural world. We believe that connection to the natural world benefits children and that it is important to offer toys that nurture the connection.


About Waldorf Toys 

Waldorf education is described as an education system focused on inspiring life-long learning and self discovery in all children to enable them to fully develop their unique capabilities. Waldorf education is based in the belief that there is a need for imagination in learning and development, which is reflected in the Waldorf inspired toys. Waldorph inspired toys are often made from natural materials and promote open-ended and imaginative play. The dolls have soft expressions so that children can imagine and explore different emotions and scenarios with them. 

Tree Hollow Toys believes that imaginative and open-ended play are essential to child development and happiness. We admire the beauty and elegance of Waldorf toys and strive to provide toys that uphold that standard while being gentle on the planet.